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About us
Why Fi-warn?

Every year, India loses thousands of lives and assets valuing billions in accidents caused due to fire. This necessitates improved & better fire safety Systems in our residences & workplaces.

The demand for fire safety equipment's is rising on the heels of economic growth of India, rapid industrialization, radically growing commercial sector and improvement in the overall real estate industry. The usage and application of fire safety equipment are continuously increasing with corporations and commercial entities laying additional emphasis on fire safety and security. Many state governments have now made it mandatory for proper installation and adequacy of fire safety installations, particularly in commercial establishments.

Fire detection system is the key to effective fire safety measures. It is essential to install fire detection systems so that fire can be controlled even before it starts. Hence Fire detection systems hold a very large & important share in the fire safety equipment category.

At GODREJ, we have always focused to provide the customer with technically superior & dependable fire detection systems. We already have our DRAGON & EAGLE range of alarm system since a long time & we wanted to take it a notch above with the launch of our new Fire alarm system. Consequently, the Fi-WARN Journey began.

The Indian Customers have strengthened GODREJ with immense trust & respect for ages. During this journey we were provided with valuable interactions & insight from the customers. Team Fi-WARN naturally wanted to imbibe all that in its newest offering. Our responsibility was augmented because the fire industry in India is fragmented & there are very few companies matching GODREJ's reach & repute.

Thus Fi-WARN was born!!

Fi-WARN, our newest fire alarm system, offers a robust addressable fire alarm system with a range of detector devices, which can suffice the needs of any kind of requirement ranging from small offices or residences to big corporates & industries.

In the present scenario, infrastructural growth & stringent norms are leading to lot of upgradations & refurbishment of fire alarm systems. Fi-WARN has hence been launched as a first in its class Multi-protocol system (A multi-protocol system is one which can accommodate more than one protocols of detectors/devices). Fi-WARN panels can not only accommodate Apollo, Hochiki but also take in any conventional detectors too. This makes the upgradation process fairly simpler & budget friendly for our Customers.

In compliance to our high quality standards, Fi-WARN has been certified by the most reputed VdS. All models rolled out are compliant to the stringent VdS norms in addition to EN & LPCB standards. Fire safety is both security & life safety. It was hence of utmost importance to have fail safe measure in our system. Fi-WARN has been designed as a Redundant System offering CPU, loop card, network redundancy. It makes the system highly reliable. Fi-WARN has been designed to offer high scalability (up to 2200 detector devices in a single panel), modularity, networkability (up to 128 panels in one network) & a number of other features.

We are positive that Fi-WARN will fill in the existing Void in the current available fire detection offering while meeting every user need.

For more product details please go to our product tab "fire alarm systems". For connecting with us please go to our "contact us" menu.