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The optical smoke detector is distinguished by the indicator LED which is clear in standby and red in alarm.

The optical smoke detector D-PE is distinguished by the indicator LED which is clear in standby and red in alarm. Within the case is a printed circuit board which on one side has the light proof labyrinth chamber with integral gauze surrounding the optical measuring system and on the other is the address capture, signal processing and communications electronics.The detector is designed to be connected to a two wire loop circuit carrying both data andincoming and outgoing supply via terminals L1 and L2 in the mounting base. A remote LED indicator requiring not more than 4mA at 5V may be connected between the +R and -R terminals. An earth connection terminal is also provided. When smoke enters the chamber the photo-diode signal increases. The information to the A/D converter is updated once per second. During every poll cycle this data is sent to the control equipment. If the device is not addressed within one second of its last polling and the analogue value is greater than the set alarm level, thealarm flag is initiated and the device address is added to the data stream. This can provide a location identified alarm from any device on the loop in approximately two seconds.

  • fixed temp
    Works on the light scattering principle
  • fixed temp
    User selective sensitivity is provided to achieve reduced false alarm rates
  • certification
    Certifications – VdS, EN54